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  • The GP-WRX R308 RACING SUIT can be equipped with ALPINESTARS's airbag system.
    You can secure the airbag system to the leather suit with velcro and zipper to keep it in the proper position.
    This page will explain how to affix the airbag system.

Open the suit,velcro covers,and zipper covers.Remove the waist belt.

① Remove the waist belt from the airbag system.

② Unzip the zipper cover attached to the suit.

Turn on the main power supply.Set the airbag system in the racing suit.

① Connect the indicator cable attached to the left sleeve of the suit to the airbag system.

② Turn on the switch.

③ Attach the airbag system to the suit with the velcro and zipper.

Zipper attached.

Overlap the chest power flaps and check the indicator light on the left sleeve.
When fully charged,all three colored lights will be on.For details of lighting display,please refer to the instruction manual.

Before riding a motorbike,put the suit on properly and make sure the indicator light is on.If the light is not on,the airbag system will not deploy.Please do not wear and have it inspected.

Charging the battery

The Tech-Air Vest is operated by built-in lithium-ion battery.A fully charged(6hours)battery will provide approximately 25 hours of use.
If you leave the battery unused for a long time,the power may drain evev without use.

When charging starts,the indicator lights up.When fully charged,all three colored lights will be on.
For more details about the airbag system,please refer to the user guide enclosed with the airbag system.

RS Taichi's TECH-AIR compatible racing suit is developed and produced on the premise that an airbag system is to be installed.
Failure to install the airbag system correctly may cause it to not function properly in the event of an accident and may result in injury.Use of the suit without the airbag system is extremely dangerous.Please in stall and wear properly.

︎⚠️TECH-AIR RACE airbag system may not deploy on all falls.
︎⚠️Riding a motorbike can be dangerous.Please be fully aware that there is a risk of injury or death.
︎⚠️RS Taichi will not take any responsibility for injury or death incurred white wearing our products.